3 Tips for Gifting - and Gift Wrapping - BOTORI

3 Tips for Gifting - and Gift Wrapping - BOTORI

An Equestrian Gift Giving Guide

Guest blog by Amy Ellison of Hunt Seat Paper Co.

If you've ever met me (hi, I’m Amy from Hunt Seat Paper Co.!) in the wild, chances are pretty good I was wearing BOTORI. Some of my friends call them my "uniform" because I wear them every day, no joke. I have almost 30 pairs. I'm not obsessed, I'm passionate.

I'm also that person who will be a brand's best promoter if I find something I like. If someone as much as glances at my BOTORI riding tights I go into full-blown gush mode.

"Oh, they're BOTORI! Made in the USA and the fabric is dust repellent and so soft! Here, touch my leg...Go ahead, touch the fabric!" Not weird at all, right?

When I have the chance to give someone I care about a special gift...A pair of BOTORIs are high on my list. Maybe I'll convert another super-fan who will ask strangers to touch their leg with me!

It's the thought that counts, they say...So when I gift loved ones, I like to go the extra mile and do something creative with the gift wrapping. Sometimes it's the effort you put into something that can mean more than the gift itself.

If you’re struggling with creative ways to gift apparel besides the boring old garment box and tissue paper, I gotchu. Here are some of my favorite gift wrapping ideas so you can give the gift of BOTORI in style!

Wrapping BOTORI in style

1. Color Coordinate

Just like you would match your sunshirt to your breeches with complementary colors and patterns...Do the same with your gift wrap! Do you have a theme? What is your gift-recipient's discipline? If they're a foxhunter, we suggest pairing the BOTORI Adler Breech in Copper with our new Holiday Fox Gift Wrap. Or if they're a Hunter/Jumper, try their Tan Adler Breeches with our Holiday Horse Show Gift Wrapping paper. Dressage? Go for the White Taylors with our Party Ponies Gift Wrap. I promise, matching the gift wrap with your gift really makes your gift memorable and special. 

Wrapping BOTORI in style

2. Use a Belt

BOTORI makes some pretty spectacular riding tights. The Taylors are my forever love. But they also make everything you need to complete the look, from shirts, hats, bags and belts! Their 2" stretch belts are my favorite and come in lots of different colors. They also have a 1.5" version, and a slide belt with a cool sliding buckle.

Instead of using ribbon, use a belt to garnish your gift! Not only is it unique, but it also adds to the gift. A belt is probably the most perfect accessory to go with a new pair of pants! I paired my favorite checker belt with my Cream Bits Gift Wrapping Paper and think it looks pretty snazzy.

3. Think Outside the Box

Similar to the belt being part of the gift AND the gift wrap...We are loving the new trend of wrapping gifts with tea towels. Tea Towels are a great gift in themselves, but using them to wrap an even better gift will really wow whoever you're gifting. Give them a memorable experience...Because one of the best parts of life is making memories, right?

Get 2 more gift wrapping tips on the full blog on Hunt Seat Paper Co.

Bonus Content: How to Gift BOTORI in a Hunt Seat Paper Co. Tea Towel

Step 1:

Get your favorite tea towel. We used the Snaffle Bits Tea Towel. Fold your BOTORIs and then roll them tightly like you're packing your luggage on Reels. (Roll it up tight like a burrito!)

Step 2:

Lay your tea towel out flat and place your rolled up BOTORIs in the center. Fold the bottom half of the Tea Towel over the BOTORISs, leaving the top end open. Then fold the right side over and begin rolling everything tightly together.

Step 3:

Now that you've rolled everything up, the top end of the roll should be open while the bottom is neatly folded under like a burrito. Cut some ribbon to length and pinch the open top of your roll.

Step 4:

Tie a bow around the cinched up fabric and you should have a pretty little gift in a neat little package. If you rolled everything up tight and even, it should be able to stand up like a bottle of wine, which always looks great to me! 

Want to try some of these equestrian gift wrapping techniques? Shop the items in this blog post! Pick up your Gift Wrap and Tea Towels from Hunt Seat Paper Co.!


About Amy Ellison and Hunt Seat Paper Co.

Amy dreamed up Hunt Seat Paper Co. while laying in the grass watching her horse, Regal Rowdy graze in the Southern California sunshine. Six years later, she's still making horse art and hand-packaging products printed in the USA with love.

Editor's Note: I met Amy about 5 years ago at an equestrian tradeshow and was such a fan girl. Her style and creativity is unmatched in the equestrian paper space. I hope you love her fun take on equestrian life as much as I do and give some of her gift wrapping ideas a try! 

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