5 Tips from a Professional Groom

5 Tips from a Professional Groom


  • Baby Powder is perfect for enhancing white markings.
  • Spot clean sweat marks if you can’t hose off after a ride.
  • Use aerosol fly spray on show days to avoid dust and dirt build-up on your horse’s coat.
  • Microfiber cloths are your best friend for removing dust from your horse’s coat.
  • Ran out of hoof polish? Don’t worry! Spray a little coat conditioner on a small towel and apply to the hoof to keep them looking clean in the show ring.

Kristen Abano, Professional Groom


Meet Kristen

Kristen Abano operates her own business, Centerline Equine Clipping in the south Florida area and also works privately as an FEI Dressage Groom. Kristen has been an equestrian for the greater part of 20+ years, is a former equine vet tech and has two horses of her own.

Follow her on Instagram: @centerlineequineclipping

Why Kristen loves BOTORI

Clipping = hair everywhere. Plus bending and squatting to get to all the nooks and crannies.

Kristen is often found working in her BOTORIs because of their hair repelling quality, overall comfort, functionality. And of course, style!

Her favorite are the Andi tights which she is wearing here in navy.

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