5 Tips to Take Your Makeup Look from Stable to Street

5 Tips to Take Your Makeup Look from Stable to Street

As equestrians, we seem to always be busy - whether we’re running from the barn to work, or to head out to meet friends for a drink after riding. Wouldn't it be great to quickly and easily make a simple makeup look last, and elevate it from stable to street? 

Be ready to face anything with these 5 tips from Chelsea at URGO Beauty:

  1. Skincare is always the first step. Skincare is the most important first step to loving your makeup. Healthy, hydrated skin takes makeup better. You’ll want to start with a gentle cleanser and always follow up with moisturizer. My philosophy on skincare is that less really can be more, so be sure to listen to your skin and what it wants and needs instead of just adding tons of different products to your routine. I like to use an under eye cream and any anti-aging products at night so I am not piling makeup on top of them.
  2. Utilize gentle and long-lasting products. Depending on the day, sometimes you apply makeup first thing in the morning and it needs to last you well into the night. That’s where long-lasting products are the key, but I always prefer something that is also gentle on the skin so it won’t cause irritation to my sensitive skin. I also worry about breakouts. If I am wearing something all day and night I want to be sure that it is helping my skin, not clogging my pores, leaving me with a mess for the rest of the week. That’s why I created our Two-Step Foundation. The unique two step formula is built to last, but made with gentle, skin-loving and calming ingredients. First, apply Step 1 to anywhere where you see oil production throughout the day. It gives your foundation hold (think like a primer) while helping to keep oil production down. Then, apply Step 2 everywhere else (and even over Step 1). It keeps your skin hydrated and provides medium coverage and a natural finish. This non-comedogenic formula won’t irritate the skin or clog your pores, so don’t worry about wearing it for your long, busy day.
  3. Keep face wash, clean towels and BB Cream in your tack trunk. Some days barn time is just too dirty to keep going to the next activity. So, I always keep face wash and clean towels in my tack trunk. I find, especially if you have super sensitive skin like me, sometimes it’s best to get the dirt off right away and start fresh. After a quick wash at the barn I always grab for my Best Day BB Cream because it is so easy to apply. You can apply our BB Cream just like moisturizer- with your hands. Just rub it into the skin and it will provide light coverage and a natural glow. It is also packed with natural, anti-aging ingredients that will keep your skin happy and nourished all day.
  4. Add a hint of Tint. When taking my look from stable to street I like to add some color with our Tint. This multi-use cream adds a soft, subtle hint of color that you can apply with your hands to your cheeks, eyelids and lips. I dab a bit on my cheeks and rub it in with my fingers. You can use just a tiny bit for a subtle glow or add it on to make sure it really pops.
  5. Mascara really completes a look. I am a full believer that no look is complete without mascara. Mascara really finishes off any makeup look, even if you don’t have any eyeshadow or eyeliner on. Fluff up your lashes with some mascara and you’ll see how it takes your look to a whole new level.

When you feel your best, you ride your best. Makeup should be easy, fun and shouldn’t take away from time in the saddle. At URGO, we’re always here to help you find the perfect shade, a routine that works for you or answer any questions you may have.

-Chelsea DiPeppe, Founder of URGO Beauty


URGO Beauty

About URGO Beauty

Chelsea started URGO Beauty out of a need for makeup that was gentle for her sensitive skin, but would last for long days from the barn to work and more. Every product is created with the equestrian lifestyle in mind and to treat your skin the way we treat our beloved horses.

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Sarah in BOTORI with URGO Beauty products

Why Our Model Sarah Loves BOTORI and URGO Beauty

As an adult amateur it is important to have quality yet affordable brands. BOTORI and URGO both fit the bill. Here’s why! 

Cruelty free! As equestrians and most of us all around animal lovers - products that do not harm animals through development and production are key. Not only is URGO cruelty free (Leaping Bunny Certified!), but it is also a vegan line - accessible much? All fabrics used at BOTORI are also cruelty-free and are sewn in the US - Pennsylvania to be exact. We’ll take it! 

Flattering yet functional. BOTORI breeches and leggings are made with the most beautiful fabrics. Beauty only? Of course not. These fabrics are UPF and moisture wicking. Not only are there stunning fabrics, but also key features that are invaluable to equestrians. We can’t not mention the side pocket perfectly sized for a cellphone and/or horse treats! One phrase … high rise. Low rise can stay in the 2000’s thank you very much! 

Equestrian owned. Okay, so I know - predictable. But hear me out. Being equestrian owned is probably the most important piece of BOTORI and URGO, because they GET IT. You know not kind of get it, they really get it. They realize we don’t have the budgets to buy new riding pants every 6 months, we want a quality item we can use for more than just one season. True story: I have never gotten rid of a pair of BOTORI’s. Make-up routine? Say no more. I know I don’t have time for a 45 minute long 37 step makeup ritual. URGO is apply and go, in honestly much less than 5 minutes - including mascara AND eyelash curl. 

Versatile. Want to get ready for the gym, the barn, a day at work, a night out? URGO and BOTORI have you covered. URGO’s BB Cream has to be the most multi-purpose single piece of makeup I have. It's makeup and skin care. It's casual and can be glammed up - just add Tint and mascara like Chelsea says! I have worn BOTORI’s windbreaker to the gym, office and barn all in the same day. The active crop top is my favorite workout top ever and I’m currently resisting the urge to not buy it in every color. You better beat me to the site because this self-control is not going to last long. Throw a sweater or t-shirt over it and you’re ready for the barn. The best part - no bra needed! If you’re an actual queen you’ll go like Bethany (My Equestrian Style) and wear the active top with a breech to the barn. This is my long winded answer to say you can really wear both brands ANYWHERE. 

Gives Back to the Animal Community. As if you couldn’t love these companies anymore. Here’s a fifth reason! URGO gives a portion of each sale to animal-related charities. In addition, Chelsea has a signature shade of Tint - Pandemic Pink - that donates its proceeds to a Pet Pantry to help families in need feed their pets!

Follow Sarah on Instagram (and ask her for discount codes!) at @oxers2oncology

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